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Often times when we send out a monthly newsletter, things change by the end of the month so we are sending a revised message! Our goal is to eliminate these constant revisions and keep you up to date in a timely and accurate manner. This year, we will be adding weekly/bi-weekly messages for our families so that you have the latest information and updates.

Week of October 19-23, 2020

Just a few quick updates as we head into what looks like a rain-free weekend (fingers crossed!)...

1) Halloween- if you are sending in any treats for Halloween, please remember that they must be individually packaged, peanut-free treats that are brought into the school by the end of the day on Tuesday. This will allow all treats to sit in isolation for 72 hours before being handed out in the classroom. As well, many classes are opting for "Orange and Black" as opposed to costumes so please be sure to check with your child's homeroom teacher before sending your child on Friday... I know I am going shopping for my own family to find some Halloween themed clothing this weekend!

2) IEPs- if your child receives any academic accommodations, please be sure to check their backpack for their IEP as they were sent home earlier this week. Teachers will be reaching out next week to collect the signed parent page- thank you to those who have already returned it.

3) Attendance- please continue to use the SafeArrival system to report your child's absence, late arrival or early departure. It helps us keep track of all of our students and ensure everyone is safe. You can download the app (free on iTunes or the Google Play Store), visit the website (https://go.schoolmessenger.ca/#/account/login) or call 1-866-606-5567.

4) Thank you to Mr. Simpson! Mr. Simpson has been in for the past two months covering Mr. Brookson's injury leave of absence. He worked really hard and we will miss having him around but I am confident he will be back soon!! Mr. Brookson will be back in our Grade 7/8 classroom as of Monday morning.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Ms. Kristen Kosh, Principal